Looking for stability while reducing weight? Widen out your RX-1 (and Warrior) for the ultimate in handling! Our RX-1 Wide Front End Kit widens the front of the RX-1 by 3”, to 45”. By widening the front, stability and handling is improved, and ski “drop out” is increased. By increasing drop out, the ski remains in contact with the snow for a longer period of time while weight transfer is occurring, allowing you to drive through and out of the corner under power, with the ski remaining in contact with the snow. The A-Arms are made from chrome moly for an excellent combination of light-weight (over 8 pounds lighter than stock on '03 models and over 4 pounds on '04 & '05 models) and strength. The shock mounting points (of the A-Arms) remain stock allowing you to use the stock shocks, while the kit comes with specially calibrated springs for the increased leverage of the A-Arm along with helping to reduce body roll, and improve handling. The kit comes complete with everything needed including upper and lower A-Arms (powder coated silver) with Nylatron bushings installed, springs (powder coated black), tie rods, 12 millimeter stabilizer bar, tie rods, bushings (installed), hardware, and installation instructions. This is the most complete, finest quality kit available for the RX's period! The kit fits all RX-1 & RX Warrior models. Specify year when ordering. Available in Silver, Black, or *Blue. This kit is designed for short track models (121" & 136"), to install on a mountain version you must change to the short track shocks.

*Limited Quantity 

P-S112BL.....RX-1/Warrior Wide Front End Kit Blue.....$629.95

P-S112BK.....RX-1/Warrior Wide Front End Kit Black.....$629.95

Wide Kit w/o springs and stabilizer bar.....$529.95 (call)


Our new wide front end kit for the Vector, Rage, Apex, Nytro, and Attak is based off of our successful RX-1 wide kit. The kit widens each of these snowmobiles out nearly 2 ½” to 45”. By utilizing the stock shock mounting location the kit remains economical, allowing the use of the stock shocks. To compensate for the increased A-arm length a heavier stabilizer bar is included in the kit. Another huge benefit of the kit is the nearly 3 pounds of weight savings. Kit comes complete with all new chrome moly A-arms with new inner bushings installed (powder coated blue or black), aluminum tie rods, heavy stabilizer bar, hardware, and instructions. Specify color when ordering. Depending on riding style certain models may require springs. 

P-S115BK.....Apex Wide Front End Kit Black.....$629.95


This trick looking kit gives your RX-1 substantial weight savings! Kit retains the stock 42" width while being made from chrome moly, the kit is not only strong but save over 7 pounds on ’03 models and over 5 pounds on ’04 & ’05 models. Kit comes complete with both upper and lower A-arms, with inner bushings (installed), hardware, tie rods, and installation instructions. Only powder coated silver in stock at this time. 

P-S114.....RX-1/Warrior Lightweight Front End Kit.....$479.95 


The RX-1 (& Warrior) suffers from excess body roll, the result is poor handling due to not being able to set the outside ski while cornering. Our heavier springs increase rate more rapidly than the stock springs allowing you to run less pre-load (to improve handling), which reduces ride height & roll center. If you’ve tried a heavier stabilizer bar and longer links and you’re looking to further improve handling, our front suspension springs may be what you’re looking for! The rate of our new springs is 2.3 kilogram per millimeter straight rate, as compared to the 1.9-3.0 kg/mm on 2003 models, 1.9 kg/mm on '04 & '05models, and 2.1 kg/mm on Warrior models. The higher rate will plant the outer ski improving handling while increasing stability, by reducing body roll.

P-S113.....PP 2.3 Handling Front Suspension Springs (pair).....$99.95


The single most dramatic improvement you can make to the handling of your 4 stroke Yamaha! The stock sway bar on the on these machines is on the conservative (soft) side, the small diameter standard bar allows excess body roll when cornering. Our Heavy Stabilizer Bars will dramatically improve handling and reduce body roll compared to the stock bar. The increased diameter of the bars help to keep the sled flatter and more predictable in the turns. As the outside allowing you drive faster through the corners by keeping your skis and track in contact with the snow. A stiffer bar will also give you a softer ride than going to stiffer springs in front to achieve improved handling. 

For '04-'05 RX-1, Warrior, RS Vector, Apex, '06-'07 Rage, '06-'07 Nytro, & Attak (LYX) owners we have a 12 millimeter bar to replace the stock 11mm bar (no other modifications necessary with both the 12 and 13mm bars), giving you improve stability and handling, or for the flattest possible cornering try our 13 millimeter bar. These sleds  suffer from excess body roll and by installing a heavier bar will dramatically reduce body roll and improve handling. With either the 12mm or 13mm bar on these models they will directly replace the stock stabilizer bar without any other modifications.

We have three different diameter bars to choose from. Our 11 ('03 RX-1, '05 Rage) millimeter bar is for the rider looking for the best of both worlds, aggressive cornering, while maintaining a nearly stock (smooth) ride in the front. If you're looking for more you can upgrade to a 12 or 13 millimeter bar by adding the '04 & newer arms and bushings (arm part #8FG-2386L-00, bushing part #8FG-2386G-00 designed for the trail rider looking for the best possible (flat) cornering. The heavier bars make the front end flatter and more predictable when driving through the corners. A lot of time has been spent to come up with the correct manufacturing process to insure the durability of these bars. 

P-S103......11 Millimeter Diameter Stabilizer Bar ('03 RX-1, '03-'05 RX Mountain, '05 RS Rage).....$59.95

P-S104A.....12 Millimeter Diameter Stabilizer Bar ('04-'05 RX-1, Warrior, RS Vector, Apex, Attak (LTX), '06-'07 Rage).....$89.95

P-S104B.....13 Millimeter Diameter Stabilizer Bar ('04-'05 RX-1, Warrior, RS Vector, Apex, Attak (LTX), '06-'07 Rage).....$89.95

8FG-2386L-00-00....Stabilizer Arms (75mm)(pair), required when installing 12 or 13mm bar on '03 RX-1, '03-'05 RX Mountain, '05 Rage....$79.95

8FG-2386G-00-00....Stabilizer Bar Bushings (pair), required when installing 12 or 13mm bar on '03 RX-1, '03-'05 RX Mountain & '05 Rage....$3.00


After testing different combinations we’ve found that the dual runner Pilot skis are an excellent addition to the RS, RX, & FX chassis. These 5.7" skis provide a light steering, handle excellent, and eliminate darting. Two carbides are placed on each ski, one to the center and one to the outside, allowing the ski to tract straight while maintaining bite in the corner. If you travel more off trail or fresh snow these skis are also offered is a 6.9" wide version (add $10.00 per set). Pilot ski set comes with left and right ski, and mount kit with 2 sets of carbides (4”) and rubber mounting blocks witch match the stock Yamaha spindle. For better Choose from black skis, and red, yellow, blue, orange, black, gray or white handles.

P-S129.....Pilot Ski Set.....$301.98 w/Bombardier 4" carbides

P-S129W.....Pilot Ski Set....$319.95 w/one set of 4" Bombardier and one set of 6" Woodys carbides

P-129-69.....Pilot Ski Set 6.9" w/4" Bombardier carbides.....349.95


These stabilizer arms are 75 millimeters long, the 2003 RX-1 has 50 millimeter arms. By putting on the longer arms it puts more force on the stock bar as it starts through its travel, helping to reduce body roll. Easy installation, directly replace the stock arms, designed for use with the stock bar or our P-S103 bar. 

8FA-2386L-10-00.....75 Millimeter Stabilizer Arms (pair).....$79.95


The a-arm front suspensions show a significant amount of wear over a short period of time, much of this is due to the poor quality, soft bushings they come with from the factory. This wear causes excess play at both the a-arms and spindles. Our new bushing kits are made with a much better quality material called Nylatron. This material was developed by NASA, it is much harder and  more durable (resistant to wear) than the stock material, and is also self lubricating. A-arm bushing kits come with inner and outer bushings (outer a-arm bushings are in the spindle) for both upper and lower arms for both sides (16 bushings). Nytro a-arm bushings include 12 bushings for the inner end of the upper and lower arms. Spindle bushing kits come with upper and lower bushings for both sides (4 large ski column bushings). We also have a bulkhead bushing kit (not pictured) for all RX, and RS model 4 strokes which replaces the stock bushings with Nylatron bushings (8 bushings in kit).

P-S125.....A-Arm Bushing Kit 2003 RX-1 .....$59.95
P-S126.....A-Arm Bushing Kit Vector, RX-1, Apex, Nytro, Rage, Attak  (except ’03 RX-1)....$59.95
P-S127....Spindle Bushing Kit all A-arm and trailing arm suspension '97-current, except current Phazer and '08 & up Nytro....$24.95
P-S131.....A-Arm Bushing Kit '08 Nytro 08-10 Nytro MTX .....$59.95
P-S132.....A-Arm Bushing Kit '09-'10 Nytro FX, RTX, XTX.....64.95
P-S128....Bulkhead Bushing Kit RX & RS....$39.95



If you’ve long traveled the rear of your SRX or SX (or your going to), and you’re looking for more, this is the kit for you! This kit comes complete with everything you need to long travel the front of your SRX, or SX the correct way. The kit comes complete with new longer radius rods, widen the front out to 42 1/2”. Next we include a set of aluminum Kayaba shocks, with progressive springs, that bolt directly in place of the stock shocks. These shocks can be both re-built and re-valved. The progressive springs keep the ride height reasonable, while offering over 9” of travel (stock is 6 ½”). Kit comes complete with everything needed including radius rods, tie rods, shocks, stabilizer bar spacers, hardware, and instructions. Choose from blue or silver radius rods (specify color when ordering).

P-S118.....’97-’99 SX Long Travel Wide Front End Kit.....$529.95

P-S119.....’98-’02 SRX Long Travel Wide Front End Kit.....$599.95


Add an extra inch of travel to your SX or SRX equipped with Ohlins shocks in the front. By installing these shock extensions it allows you to ride more aggressively with improved ride and gives increased “drop out”, improving handling under power. These extensions also work excellent when installing rear long travel. Sold by the pair. 

P-S111.....Ohlins Shock Extensions.....$39.95